The scope, the innovations and the methodology of CLIMADEMY

The scope of Climademy

Learn how to educate the next generation of European citizens on climate change issues

The aim of CLIMADEMY is to offer a comprehensive program for teachers that will lead to a better understanding of climate change and to an efficient methodology of teaching the next generation of European citizens. The ultimate goal is to prepare the new generations to meet the challenges of the next decades in sustainable development, limiting and adapting to climate change, protecting the environment and fighting inequalities.

The proposed action will create a European network of teacher education and training providers. The consortium (4 EU countries) will develop and establish a strong European network and community of practice on teacher education. It brings together Universities with leading-edge climate change research, high-quality initial teacher education and continuing professional development. It also involves other nationally recognized providers of teacher education and continuous professional development and schools to enable the practical training essential to teacher education.

To follow the advances in climate and educational science, the initiative will also conceive an innovative strategy and a program for continuous professional development for teachers and schools on climate change and its multifaceted impacts and mitigation and adaptation options. For this, the partners will jointly develop and deliver innovative learning modules on teacher education to increase teacher competencies on climate change origin and impacts, superseding the current pedagogical material. They will develop a European and international outlook in teacher education on climate change, its diverse effects and mitigation and adaptation options.
The network will also use high-quality, open and near real-time data for educational purposes, and will be open to new members, while the developed educational material will be publicly available and disseminated through the existing EU educational channels thus, maximizing its impact.